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Schindler elevators are engineered to meet the mobility needs for a variety of applications - from residential to commercial and from shopping malls to airports. Our solutions for your building range from highly standardized features to a fully customized elevator.


Schindler 3300

The Schindler 3300 passenger elevator is flexible enough to deliver special design wishes. With the Libertà concept, you can combine your own interior aesthetics. Choose the ceiling, add any color from our décor lines and select your options. Have our engineers adjust the car size and door size to meet your exact needs.


Schindler 5500

Schindler 5500 is the modular passenger elevator that takes configurability to a new level - it uniquely combines performance, flexibility and design, which makes it easy to fit to the requirements of commercial, mid and high-end residential buildings. Solutions that fits you.


Schindler 7000

The world's population is increasing. More and more people are moving to cities, urbanization is growing. There is a need for taller buildings with more efficient and more innovative mobile solutions.



Schindler has redefined performance boundaries with a third-generation intelligent passenger guidance system. Schindler's PORT Technology revolutionizes the technique of optimizing traffic flow through the building, while providing individualized service and access control.

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