General Information

  • Since 2005 is Schindler's Exclusive Distributor in Azerbaijan
  • Since 2010 is Schindler's Exclusive Distributor in Georgia
  • Between 2005-2020 sold more than 1500 units
  • Employee numbers 160 persons
  • Active maintenance portfolio is 1250 units

Our Main Principles

  • Team motivation. People Are Our Main Value
  • Code of conduct. To Be On Right Side
  • Transparency and predictability. To Be Partner
  • Leadership trough service. We Are In Service Business
  • Safety, technical fulfillment and quality. Trust But Verify, No Compromise
  • Rightproducts for right projects. Follow Product Philosophy

New Installation Achievements

  • 2005 First in region Destination Control for Park Inn Baku Hotel
  • 2006 First in region Uncovered Outdoor Public Escalators
  • 2007 First in region belt traction MRL lift (S3300)
  • 2008 Sold 85 units of Schindler 3300 for a Residential Complex
  • 2009 First and single in region Double Deck lifts (8 units)
  • 2009 First in region high speed lift (4,0 mps)
  • 2010 First in region intellectual control systems (SID, LV & E-V) in Port Baku Towers
  • 2011 First in region FF Lifts fully in accordance with EN 81-72. Approved by Lerch & Bates
  • 2013 We supplied E&E for biggest Airway Terminal in region: Haydar Aliyev İnternational Airport (GYD)
  • 2014 we provided VT solution almost in all Baku 1st European Games facilities: BOS (65K), ISC, ATP, BoH, White City Hotels
  • 2016 we provided VT solution in biggest Shopping Mall of Baku: the Ganjlik Mall
  • 2017 We provided elevators and escalators for Shota Rustaveli Int. Airport
  • 2018 We installed fastest elevators in region: 8 m/s! BTP Project in Baku